Taft-Hartley Funds

We have the experience in dealing with Taft-Hartley.

A Taft-Hartley trust fund provides security for participants and their families. Therefore, it is critical that the fund be administered in accordance with plan documents and government compliance. A knowledgeable staff is a must!

We understand the details of Taft-Hartley administration and make sure all parties are served, starting with the wishes of the plan administrator and trustees, to the excellent service to the membership. In doing so, plan participants are assured of their benefits and satisfaction. Aegis is committed to providing the highest level of service in this area, our “state-of-the-art” claims system – is the most user friendly, cost effective and flexible claims system on the market, unlike many of the costly cumbersome / labor intensive systems you may be familiar with. This directly impacts the per member per month fee's to the fund. Our technology is capable of performing over 33ml edits per claim prospectively and does monthly audits of every claim retrospectively.


The platform is a proprietary platform that brings together, all in one place, (usually as an icon on the fund administrators desktop) cutting edge cost containment analytics and real time reporting. The platform has:

  • The ability to integrate All healthcare claims data from multiple vendor sources for one true picture of plan experience
  • Strategic executive scorecards and dashboards to target and manage key performance drivers
  • 24/7 email alerts to the administrator and fund consultants when drivers of cost are hit (Benchmarks)
  • Flexibility to customize dashboards, metrics, and reports to meet each client's needs, in hours, not days
  • The ability to collaborate with other members of the benefits team through email sharing of reports.

Easy access to analytics in 1 place, 1 report allows a plan sponsor to quickly get a snapshot or extensive reports:

  • Get at the root cause of costs
  • Forecast projected cost increases
  • Initiate health focused programs providing incentives
  • Track the effectiveness of these programs

The platform integrates with "best in class" cost containment stand alone specialty carve out Programs, such as:

  • Claims editing (33ml edits) per claim
  • Medical claims analytics & Audits, both retrospective and prospective
  • Pharmacy claims,PBM analytic and reporting platforms
  • Physician led Evidence based Oncology Drug and Patient Management
  • Hospital inpatient IMD’s savings
  • ESRD program management

Aegis is a full-service TPA

  • Health & welfare plans
  • Online Member benefits portal
  • Electronic hour bank, employer reporting & collection platform
  • Defined benefit pension plans
  • Defined contribution pension plans
  • 401(k) plans
  • Vacation and savings programs
  • Aegis is committed to protecting the integrity of the fund and the services it provides. - from the most secure HIPAA COMPLIANT environment (VPN) available today that allows safe, yet ready access to plan information, to the most current "state of the art" technology available. With Aegis Administrative, you can be assured that your plan is administered accurately, quickly, compliant, and secure.