Three out of five employers offer a corporate wellness program. Why? Because when properly integrated, a corporate wellness program can improve employee health and productivity and lower health care costs. The Corporate Wellness Program is designed to offer a customized solution for your company to create a healthier work environment.

Guide on Wellness:


Thank you for your interest in the Corporate Wellness Program. Below is information to prepare and guide you in setting up your program. Please contact us if you have questions along the way. 888-881-2307

Step 1 - Create Your Own IDAssessment and IDReport to create a username and to take your own free IDAssessment. Remember, this portal is HIPAA compliant, so your information is never shared with anyone. Don’t forget to review your IDReport.

Step 2 - Watch the Video

Watch the “Corporate Wellness: The IDLife Difference” video that your IDLife contact provided you. Follow up with your IDLife contact to address any questions you may have.

Step 3 - Choose Base, Premium Package, or Fully Customized

Review the available package options and select the plan that best meets your employees’ needs.

Step 4 - Review Additional Resources

Fill out the “Company Information Worksheet” with your co-workers, wellness committee or leadership team and review all additional resources that your IDLife contact provided. Ask questions as needed.

Step 5 - Discuss Next Steps

Reach out to your IDLife contact and let them know you are interested in proceeding with the IDLife Corporate Wellness Program. Provide the completed “Company Information Worksheet” as well as several possible dates and times that you would be available to finalize discussions with a Team Expert.


Step 6 - Contract Design Corporate will negotiate with the company to individualize the terms of their Corporate Wellness Program contract.

Step 7 - Implementation Planning Session

During this meeting we will discuss the incentive plan options and any discount that your company may decide to offer your employees.

Step 8 - Create Employee Guide

We will create an Employee Guide for all your employees and their family members explaining the benefits of program participation and the resources available, all based on the discussions in Step 7.

Step 9 - Implementation Meeting

The Company Wellness Ambassador and/or a Corporate Wellness Expert will introduce the program to the employees.

Step 10 - Launch Program

You’re all set to create healthier employees and a healthier workplace.

Please reach out to us (888-881-2307)if you have any questions.



Use this form to individually design your Corporate Wellness Program to best serve your employees.

What is the size of your company?

Please select the number of employees.

Select a package.

Indicate which Corporate Wellness Program package you wish to offer your company. Click Here to review the differences between the two.

What is the structure of your health insurance plan? (Circle One)

Establish your Wellness Ambassador.

This person is the point of contact who will be working with facilitating your program.

Establish a Wellness Committee.

This should consist of 3-10 people, including the Wellness Ambassador. The most successful Wellness Committees consist of a cross-section of the employee base.

Employee Interest Survey.

Distribute the Employee Interest Survey to your employees to receive feedback on what areas of Corporate Wellness most interest them.

Set goals for your Corporate Wellness Program.

Choose from the list below or create your own. These goals will appear in the Employee Guide. Ensure your Wellness Committee has input into these decisions.

Choose group event opportunities.

Choose group activities that your employees will enthusiastically enjoy participating in and that support your company’s goals. The Employee Needs and Interest Survey is an invaluable resource here. Examples can be found in Human Resources Guide.

Choose monthly special interest initiatives.

Review the calendar provided in the Human Resources Guide with the Wellness Committee and select areas of interest or create your own to focus on each month.

Set a launch date.

This will be the date that you introduce the Corporate Wellness Program to employees and their family members. We recommend working with your IDLife contact person to plan an employee meeting to kick off the program.

Company Information.
How would you like the monthly newsletter distributed?
Payment Information (this can be provided by phone).

Please be prepared to provide you payment information via phone to an IDLife Representative.


Please indicate how likely you would be to participate in each of the following programs if they were offered at work during the next year. Please send this completed form back to CorporateWellness@IDLife.com.

Extremely Likely Somewhat Unlikely

  1. Educational Programs:
    1. Back Safety
    2. Cancer Risk Management
    3. Heart Disease Prevention
    4. Stroke Prevention Programs
    5. Cholesterol Reduction
    6. Home Safety
    7. Substance Abuse
    8. Headache Prevention & Treatment
    9. Cold/Flu Prevention & Treatment
    10. Other
  2. Employee Assistance Programs/ Self-Help:
    1. Depression Treatment
    2. Financial Management
    3. Time Management Programs
    4. Stress Management
    5. Accepting Change
    6. Parenting Difficulties
    7. Managing Chronic Health Conditions (Diabetes, Hypertension, …)
    8. Managing Chronic Pain (Neck & Shoulder Injuries, Back Injuries, …)
    9. Smoking Cessation Programs
  3. Fitness Programs:
    1. Corporate Fitness Membership Rates
    2. Exercise Tolerance (STRESS) Testing
    3. Aerobic Low-Impact Exercise Programs
    4. Weight Training Programs
    5. Body Weight Training Programs
    6. Stretching Programs
    7. Walk-Fit Programs
    8. Weight Loss Programs
  4. Health Promotion Programs/ Immunization Programs:
    1. Flu Shots
    2. Tetanus Shots
    3. Lyme Disease Vaccine
    4. Hepatitis “B” Vaccine
    5. Shingles Vaccine
    6. Other
  5. Nutrition Education Programs:
    1. Healthy Cooking (Meals/Snacks)
    2. Healthy Eating (Do’s & Don’ts)
    3. Weight Management Programs (Diet & Exercise)
    4. Onsite Vending Machines with Healthy Choices
    5. Label and Menu Reading
    6. Health Fair
    7. Other
  6. Screening Programs:
    1. Blood Pressure Checks
    2. Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
    3. Cholesterol Levels
    4. Multiphasic Blood Screenings
    5. Cardiovascular (EKG’s)
    6. Colon/Rectal (Cancer)
    7. Prostate Checks (PSA)
    8. Stool Checks (Bleeding)
    9. Mammograms
    10. Vision
    11. Other
What type of programs do you prefer? Select all that apply
Would you be interested in being involved in planning or assisting with program design?
If you haven’t participated in wellness offerings in the past, please tell us why?
Please identify any other interests or suggestions for Corporate Wellness topics.



IDLife affiliations allow us to offer access to cost savings resources. The benefits are provided as a component of your participation in the Corporate Wellness Program.


TeleMedicine services provided through MeMD allow for prompt initiation of appropriate treatment for recurring or readily diagnosed conditions. This avoids costly and unnecessary visits to Emergency Departments or Urgent Care Facilities.

GAP Insurance Savings Programs

Variations of GAP Health Insurance coverage can be written in all 50 States depending on varying State Department of Insurance regulatory approvals. GAP can cover most, if not all, of an employee or dependents out of pocket healthcare expenses below their deductible, resulting in greatly reduced personal expenses.


MediBid is a competitive marketplace for medicine. Resources and look-up tools enable consumers to make informed decisions about healthcare choices. Professionals are just a click or call away to help navigate options, to serve as advocates and to review and explain medical bills and insurance coverage.

Affordable Care Act Sponsored Benefits

IDLife Corporate Wellness Program Participants who engage in program opportunities may avoid Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalties by using the tools and resources the IDLife Corporate Wellness Program provides to them and their family members.

Affordable Care Act Compliance

Affordable Care Act Compliance experts are also available to assist you in navigating the multitude of regulations and requirements of the ACA to help avoid uneccesary and costly penalties.

Discounted Resources

Employees and family members are eligible to receive up to a 30% discount on all IDLife products they choose to aid them in reaching their goals.

Informational Resources

IDLife provides access to tools for workplace wellness audits, employee interest surveys and legal compliance resources.

Partners In Service

IDLife Partnerships allow us to make available both American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association sponsored programs to meet employees’ specific needs.

Exercise programs included in the IDWellness platform offerings are created by renowned fitness expert, Jen Widerstrom.

Additional information regarding these Value Added Opportunities is available at http://www.ROI.HEALTHCARE

Our Corporate Wellness Program Clients benefit from improved employee health, decreased absenteeism, decreased presenteeism, increased productivity and decreased medical expense!